Inspire others. Be inspired. Be a mentor!

In Bright Futures, mentoring is not about “having your act together” and telling someone else how to live their life. It’s about walking a journey of self-discovery with another human being. Our mentors participate in the same life-altering curriculum as the youth and together we form a practice community, giving support and asking for support, as we take on the challenge of living lives of integrity and responsibility and standing for each other in discovering what is possible for us as individuals, especially when we ourselves cannot see it. We see the power of the tools in action when we encourage each other to take on goals that seem completely impossible and then together witness the miracles when the breakthroughs occur. This is a “do as I do” program, so mentors are asked to establish a goal that also seems out of reach. As mentors apply the principles of the program in pursuit of their goals, invariably breakthroughs occur. More often than not, we hear mentors say, “I came into this program to help a youth. I had no idea how my own life would be transformed.” Take a moment to think about who has made an impression on you in your life…. Your time can make a difference for the youth in your community. For more information contact us at